A Love Letter To Our Emotions

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It seems like February is only about celebrating romantic love, between two people, represented by red roses and chocolate. While those things are lovely in their way (especially the chocolate!), this month I want to celebrate all that our emotions do for us and help us to do.

Emotions help us feel alive by telling us what's important, and what we don't care about. They give us the strength to defend the things we do care about. They help us make decisions, or distance ourselves from making decisions. Thank you, anger and apathy.

They help us act with integrity so that we can be proud of our actions and words. They show us the things about ourselves that we really wish we couldn't see; our blind spots; and the sources of our greatest strength. Thank you, shame.

They help us let go of old thoughts, ideas, or relationships that no longer serve us, and define new thoughts, ideas, and relationships that do. Thank you, sadness.

They help us recognize when things, ideas, or people are no longer part of our lives, and honor the memory of those things, ideas, or people. Thank you, grief.

They help us notice what is changing and decide how to respond, if a response is needed. Thank you, fear.

Emotions tell us what we want. Thank you, anger, anxiety, jealousy, fear.

They tell us who to trust (and who not to). Thank you, jealousy.

They help us prepare for the future, and get done what really needs to get done. Thank you, anxiety.

They help us celebrate when things go well, and recognize when something needs to change. Thank you, happiness, and shame and depression.

They help us feel satisfaction at a job well done. Thank you, contentment.

They open us to moments of wonder and delight. Thank you, joy.

Emotions touch us in all aspects of our lives. The more open we are to what they have to tell us, the better able we are to listen, to respond, and to live with awareness and intention in every part of our lives.

Thank you so much for reading, and for learning more about emotions! 

What do your emotions do for you?